Jody Mostoller (Appointed Jan 2nd 2024)
Troy Friedline - President
Sharon Fleegle- President Pro Tem/Backup Secretary
Dave Robertson - Vice President
Laurel Foy
Deron Koontz
Andrew Smith
Christina Nichols
Appointed Officials
Jennifer Nash- Secretary/Treasurer
Fike, Cascio & Boose- James Cascio, Solicitor
The EADS Group- Greg Elliott, Engineer
The EADS Group- Sewage Enforcement Officer
PA Municipal Code Alliance- Code Enforcement
Tax Collector
Barbara Burns
PO Box 106
Jennerstown, PA 15547
Appointed/Elected Auditors
Matthew Marafino (Elected)
Charlet Eash (Appointed Jan 2nd 2024)
Luray Baraniak (Appointed Jan 2nd 2024)
Police Department
Chief of Police- Nathan Claycomb
Officer-Dusty Weir
Officer- Neil Berkley 
Non-emergency phone- (814)703-8138 *ALL EMERGENCIES 911*
Boro Building - 102 Saylor St., PO Box 63, Jennerstown, PA 15547