2010 Census Data
Population: 696
County: Somerset
Elevation: 1950
Land Area: 1.9SM

Jennerstown Borough In Pennsylvania

Jennerstown is located at the intersection of Route 985 (Old Rt 219) and Route 30 (Lincoln Highway/Old Forbes Road) approximately 11 miles North of Somerset and 18 miles South of Johnstown on Route 985 with Pittsburgh about 58 miles to the West on Route 30.

Building Permit Application

Zoning & Building permits can be obtained through

 PA Municipal Code Alliance 

318 Georgian Place, Somerset PA 15501 

Phone: 814-444-6112

website: https://pacodealliance.com/

Link for Building Permit Application

Pay Your Water and Sewage Bill

Drop off at Jennerstown Borough Building

102 Saylor Street between 8:30-4:30pm M-F

or use the mail slot on the door anytime

Phone 814-629-6261