Joyce Ginter

Troy Friedline - President

George W. Burton - Vice President

Sharon Fleegle

Gloria Foster 

Laurel Foy

James E. Friedline III

Robert Friedline

Appointed Officials
Jennifer Nash, Boro Secretary/Treasurer
Fike, Cascio & Boose - Chad Pritts, Solicitor
The EADS Group - Greg Elliott, Engineers
The EADS Group, Sewage Enforcement Officer

Tax Collector
Barbara Burns, PO Box 106, Jennerstown, Pa. 15547

Board of Auditors
Matthew Marafino

Tamera Gindlesperger Fisher 

Carrie Friedline

Police Department

Cheif Officer - Todd Sherle 
Officer Dusty Weir
Officer Alex Freoni 

Officer Nick McKenzie 
Non-emergency - 814-701-8138  *ALL EMERGENCIES  DIAL 911*
Office - Boro Building - 102 Saylor St., PO Box 63, Jennerstown, Pa. 15547