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History of Jennerstown History of Jennerstown

Jennerstown is located at the intersection of Route 985 (Old Rt 219) and Route 30 (Lincoln Highway/Old Forbes Road) approximately 11 miles North of Somerset and 18 miles South of Johnstown on Route 985 with Pittsburgh about 58 miles to the West on Route 30.

The town, originally named Laurel Hill, was renamed Jennerville in honor of Dr. Edward Jenner, an English physician and discoverer of the smallpox vaccine. The name was later changed to Jennerstown. A post office was established very early under the name of Laurel Hill in 1832. The little village contained seven or eight houses, a store and a tavern at that time.

There is little recorded history of the early years of the village but the original plan of the town contained 108 lots. Records show deeds dated April 2, 1818 and January 1, 1819. Records also show that it was formed into a borough in 1874. However, the town was formally laid out and land deeded by John Dennison on April 18, 1882.

Today, with a population of 696 2010 census) and growing, Jennerstown’s rural setting in the beautiful Laurel Highlands is just minutes from recreation, entertainment and urban areas for shopping and dining. The Pennsylvania Turnpike Exit #110 at Somerset offers a convenient way to travel to Jennerstown by way of Rt. 985 and enjoy the scenic beauty as you drive. We welcome you!